A downloadable game

Known to work with windows 10 64bit. 

There are glitches with the gameplay, will update with fixes. If you can still survive until the end of chapter one you can see the ending, otherwise you can also press G at any time to see the results of failure. 

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The legend of Matt.zip 206 MB

Install instructions

Unzip and run!


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Was there gameplay? I saw the instructions to press a/d, but at no point did doing so seem to affect anything.

Sorry, had to strip it out to solve the error someone else posted, dumb stuff with some of the libraries being called. Admittedly there wasn't much before, so working on fixing all that.  

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Unexpected! Gonna jump in and try to get this undone.

Fixed, but at the cost of what little gameplay remained! So I suppose that's another bug to fix now, but at least it "runs."