A downloadable game for Windows

You are a getaway driver for kids stealing to fund a charity that bores adults... somehow.

Pick up the kids, lose the fuzz, and repeat to get as much money as possible!

Sadly discovered a critical flaw with movement at the last moment, so it's lacking a bit of the 'arcade' racing intended with the hotfix made. Hopefully will have a better head for fixing math after I get some sleep!


Stealing for Adult Boredom.zip 9 MB

Install instructions

Just run the EXE!


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Is the critical flaw that you're unable to move the bus after crashing into a wall? Because I can't move the bus after crashing into a wall.

Part of the problem before was entirely phasing though walls, or being thrown into absolute nothing depending on the quality of your CPU...

Came about because it was stable in debug, wasn't until last minute testing in release I noticed how entirely broken movement was, so had to do emergency patch fix.

I'm so sorry, but the bus casually phasing through the walls is a very funny bug.